A powerful storm system produced tornadoes in several states, lots of flooding, and up to a foot of snow across the Upper Great Lakes last night. That storm has the potential to produce more severe weather from Cleveland down to New Orleans as it heads eastward today.

The warm front extending off the storm is located south of the city, bringing us cool winds off the Atlantic today. Because of that breeze and the heavy cloud cover the temperature is going to hold steady in the mid 40s until tomorrow morning. There's a good chance those clouds will produce periods of drizzle or light rain during the daylight hours and somewhat heavier rain overnight as the cold front portion of the big storm passes through town.

Behind the storm we can expect a breezy day tomorrow, but the sun should come out and the temperature will warm into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. Sunday is going to be even better. The winds will calm down, there will hardly be a cloud in the sky and we should again warm to the upper 50s. The jet stream is expected to take a dip across the eastern US early next week, bringing some rain on Monday and Tuesday, but daily highs are expected to range from the mid 50s to lower 60s for the foreseeable future.