This past weekend, the family of Victoria Soto held a 5K run in her honor. Soto was a first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary school who died while trying to protect her students during the 2012 massacre. The event, however, was marred by a Brooklyn man who apparently approached Soto's family and insisted the fatal shootings never happened.

Matthew Mills, 32, was arrested for breach of peace. According to the Connecticut Post, "Mills approached Vicki’s Soto’s younger sister, Jillian. They said Mills shoved a photograph in the younger Soto’s face and began angrily charging that not only did the Sandy Hook tragedy not take place, but that Vicki Soto never existed."

Police said the photo was of the Soto family, including Vicki Soto, sitting on a seawall in Stratford.

Jillian Soto became very upset at Mills’ actions and repeatedly asked him to leave her alone, but he persisted until officers arrived, police said. He then ran off, police said, and was captured following a short foot chase with officers on Main Street.

Mills told the Daily News he politely asked a question, "I went to the race to specifically talk to her, but I waited until the end, and I donated also. They’re making me out to be a bad guy. I just asked one question."

Why does Mills, who posted $2,500 bond, think the Sandy Hook massacre didn't happen? "I try not to speculate. There are shootings all the time with no conspiracies related to them. But this conspiracy about the photo has really caught on online. …People say the rocks don’t match up, the shadows don’t match up," he explained to the News. "I just wanted to put to rest whether these four kids were really there together on those rocks that day or not. It’s not for shock value."

In 2014, Mills interrupted the post-NY/NJ Super Bowl press conference to say, "Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government."

The Vicki Soto Memorial 5K raised $100,000.