This morning's depressing story about a fifth-grader being barred by his principal from giving a speech about gay marriage has gotten a happy ending—sort of. Though awesome Queens 10-year-old Kameron Slade ended up giving a speech about animal cruelty to his peers today, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says that he will be allowed to give his original speech on Monday. The catch is that other students don't have listen...if their parents don't want them to.

"I think the young man has the right to give a speech," Walcott told reporters today. He then qualified his feelings on the situation, explaining that while the speech will go forward on Monday, parents have the option to pull their students out of the assembly. "It’s something that the principal felt that she needed to do more due diligence with her parent community because of the topic of the speech itself. This extra day will give her the ability to reach out to those parents to make them aware of the content of the speech—because we’re talking about an elementary school."

Yup, we're talking about an elementary school, and a kid who quite nicely argues that you should talk to kids about big issues like this.

Other pols, meanwhile, are piling onto the issue. For instance: "At a time when Marriage Equality is the law of our state, we should not stifle students from engaging this issue on their own terms and in their own ways," Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said on the topic. "Kameron’s speech is a heartfelt expression of understanding that deserves to be commended. He has shown far more maturity than the adults in his school. His voice should be heard, not sidelined."

And really, this kid's voice and message of acceptance and tolerance should be heard. Luckily, Think Progress went and posted the NY1 video of the speech onto YouTube. Enjoy!