President Bush shakes Rudy Giuliani's hand as Governor Pataki watches, at last night's fundraiser; Photo - APPresident Bush stopped in New York to collect some cash for his reelection campaign. About 1200 people paid $2000 to hear him speak for 29 minutes. The Times called Bush's recent campaign drive an "intimidate-the-Democrats" tactic plus offers what was on the menu at the Sheraton fundraiser: Coconut fried shrimp and glutinous pasta. Gothamist is intrigued by Bush using September 11 as reason for New Yorkers to vote for him; we suppose his leadership was good/fine/all right, but it's not like there's any frame of reference for "massive terrorist attack on our homeland" with any other politician. Pataki apparently more directly used it as why Bush should be reelected. September 11 as a badge is something we're very wary of.