Seventeen pedestrians and cyclists were killed by motor vehicles in December, and of the crashes reported by the media, no drivers were charged of a crime. According to the NYPD's crash statistics for last month [PDF],1,500 more pedestrians and cyclists were injured (1,290 and 210 respectively) in crashes across the city, which was the highest amount all year. Four of the fatalities were hit-and-run incidents that occurred in a span of four days leading up to the new year, including the death of 11-year-old Miguel Torres of Queens, who was killed by a dump truck that failed to yield to him in a crosswalk. The driver was given a traffic fine of $150. None of the other hit-and-run drivers have been found or charged.

Streetsblog accounts for 12 of the pedestrian fatalities and the one cycling fatality, and notes that no drivers were charged with a crime in those incidents. The other four deaths haven't been reported and their circumstances are unknown.

Twelve motorists and their passengers died in traffic incidents, while 3,029 were injured. The total number of traffic incidents in December was 17,087, which works out to an average of 551 every day. You can see a list of the contributing factors for the incidents here [PDF], the most common being driver inattention/distraction. Queens had the highest number of fatalities of all the boroughs, with 7 pedestrians, 2 motorists, a passenger, and a cyclist.