During the morning rush, no one likes to deal with inconsiderate people who put their belongings on subway seats. But if one combines that annoyance with a rainy day, the result, as Heaneyland points out, is the perfect storm of subway pet peeves: people who put wet belongings on subway seats.

As New York settles in to a season of rain and snow, your friendly neighborhood Ask Gothamist would like to ammend the list of NYC's Offical Rules Of Inclement Weather Umbrella Etiquette to include the following:

1. Never place your wet umbrella on a seat. Put it on the floor. Subway floors are cleaner than you think and, anyway, your umbrella will be rinsed off as soon as you go outside and open it up again.

2. Don't let your wet umbrella drip on other passengers. Holding your umbrella in a position where it can unlease a steady drip, drip, drip of water on someone shorter than you is considered a violation of not only subway etiquette, but probably the Geneva Conventions as well.

What are your tips for dealing with wet umbrellas on the subway?