2006_03_swbcjetermex.jpgOver in Arizona yesterday, the United States won their first game in the World Baseball Classic, defeating Mexico 2-0. Jake Peavey, the starter for the United States, pitched only three innings, allowing 1 hit on only 23 pitches. He was pulled despite pitch counts allowing as many as 65 in the first round. Mike Timlin picked up the victory for the Americans, who struggled mightly against Rodrigo Lopez and four other Mexican pitchers.

The only scoring in the game came on two solo home-runs. Derrek Lee hit his in the 4th inning off of Lopez and Larry "Chipper" Jones added another in the 7th off Oscar Villarreal. Lopez only allowed three hits in his four-inning performance. Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter all went 1-3 on the day, with Damon's hit coming on a triple.

Next up for the United States is Canada, who will start minor-league pitcher Adam Loewen against Dontrelle Willis. Pitching Loewen, Canada is essentially conceding today's game and allowing Erik Bedard to rest in advance of a potential 2nd round game against Japan.

Photo by AP via Newsday