Happy Friday the 13th! Get out there and tempt fate this weekend...

MUSIC: Songs of Rebellion brings musicians and artists together to invoke songs and images of rebellion. Some come out and get stirred up! Participants include Lenny Kaye, Invert, Kenny Wollesen, Marc Ribot, Rebecca Moore, Bonfire Madigan, Hanifa Walidah, John Frazier, Jeff Lewis, Seth Tobocman (slides and music with Eric Blitz, Steve Wishnia and Emilio (zef) China), and filmmaker Jem Cohen.
Little know fact: Marc Ribot was the first person we contacted about doing the Gothamist Band Interview. He agreed to do it, but when we called him he didn't answer his phone. Sigh. We still have his number in our cell though, for posterity.

Friday // 8pm // Issue Project Room [400 Carroll Street, Brooklyn] // $10

ART: The Stay Gold Gallery presents Too Art For TV tonight. An exhibit of animated and painted works by 24 artists around the city. This multimedia extravaganza is a look into the minds who are often repressed by television’s corporate ideals.
The artists that bring us cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Fox Network), Code Name: Kids Next Door (Cartoon Network), Stanley (Disney TV), Venture Brothers (Adult Swim), Daria (MTV Animation), Blue's Clues (Nick JR) wil show us what else they've got.

January 13th through February 13th // Opening reception tonight 7-10pm // Stay Gold Gallery [451 Grand Street, Williamsburg] // Free

2006_01_arts_manwhofell.jpgPARTY: Have you ever ridden the subway for fun? No? Well then it's time you get yourself on the train for a subway party. Meet up on Saturday with strangers at the central fountain area of Washington Square Park and a musical march in a westward direction will lead you to board the last car of the uptown 1 train at Christopher Street. See where fate takes you and party with your fellow riders at the end of the line, or maybe the middle of the line - it's not really planned out.

Saturday // 10pm meetup, 10:30pm departure // The Arch at Washington Square Park [5th Avenue and Washington Square Park North] // Free

MOVIE: As mentioned in our movie picks, be sure to check out David Bowie in his role as Thomas Jerome Newton in the 1976 cult classic "The Man Who Fell to Earth." Bowie plays a humanoid alien who comes to Earth in search of water for his planet. Of course, OUR planet leaves him broken, lonely, and embittered - but not before he experiences love.

Saturday and Sunday // 6:30pm // Museum of the Moving Image [35th Ave. at 36th St, Astoria] // $10

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