Now that spring is sort of here, I'm starting to think about summer. Have I missed out on the beach house rush or is there still time to find a place for me and my friends to hang out during the weekends in June, July and August? I've never rented a house or gone in on a share before so I'm wondering what kind of questions I should ask.

Joe, UWS

You haven't missed out at all. Just last week, New York Magazine published The Everything Guide to Summer Rentals. The article profiled everything from a $3,000 house for 12 weeks on Fire Island to a Bridgehampton spread which can be rented for two weeks for a mere $250,000.

In addition to trolling Craigslist, you might also try websites like Summer Share House which have listings of all sorts. A quick Google search for Hamptons Share Houses yields many more options for different budgets.

As for the questions you should ask, start with the vibe of the house. Is it full of single people or couples? How old is everyone? New York Magazine has a more complete list, but don't forget one important question not included in their article: cancellations and refunds. If you can't make a weekend, will you be able to get a refund or will you have to find a replacement? It's an important thing to consider if you have your mind set on that little bungalow in Bridgehampton.