City Bakery wings; Photo: NY magazine

New York magazine has an excellent guide for places to go this Sunday to watch the Super Bowl (you can smoke at Play in Elmhurst, Scruffy Duffy's has 12 plasma TVs). NY also has the top places to get the best buffalo wings (made of chicken, of course...or unchicken) - City Bakery, Blue Smoke, and Kate's Joint are some restaurants that make the cut. Or you can make your own wings using some recipes from the Daily News. But if you're not up for cooking, you could get ribs and more from Daisy May's.


For many, the commercials are the funnest part of the Super Bowl: Look at past Super Bowls ads here. Gawker has non-Super Bowl ideas for Sunday activities. Gothamist doesn't know who to root for, though we are loving He Hate Me very can you argue with Rod Smart's logic: "I needed a name to get me out there, going to a small college and not being drafted didn't do it for me. That name did and now I'm famous. One of my goals used to be to get famous. Well, now I'm famous. Now I want my accomplishments to be on the field." Note: Change domain to "He Hate Me Hates Us."

Updated: E!'s handy guide to watching the game, commercials, and halftime: NBC counterprograms the game of men in tight pants with Queer Eye and more.