Mother Nature didn't agree with the scheduled off-days in this year's National League Championship Series. Monday's rainout was the second of the series, and the Mets will stay in St. Louis to play Game 5 against the Cardinals today instead of being back in New York. The more recent postponement removes the imbalance the first created -- the starting pitchers will be working on normal rest instead of three days' worth. Early speculation that Chris Carpenter would be moved up to start today's game was ruled out by Tony La Russa.

The rainout doesn't provide a clear advantage for either team. With the Mets' stronger bullpen, would the now-nonexistant matchup of tired arms have helped the Mets exploit that weapon? Glavine on short rest against Jeff Weaver appears to favor the Mets, and so does Glavine against Weaver on normal rest. Fox executives -- and nervous fans awaiting resolution -- probably have felt the worst effects of the weather.

Photo of the swimming pool masquerading as Busch Stadium by AP/Matt York