Serena Williams; Photo-AFP/Stan Honda
The 2004 US Open kicked off with a bang last night, as evidenced by Serena William’s latest attire. Williams, never one to shy away from spectacle, dispatched Sandra Kleinova of the Czech Republic 6-1, 6-3 in a just 53 minutes.

What did her opponent think of Williams threads?"I tried not to look at it," Kleinova explained later. When asked if she wear an outfit like that Kleinova said "No, I'm not that kind of person. It's her style. At least it's better than the [pink 'Pirates of the Caribbean'] one she wore at the French Open. My friend played her there and couldn't stop laughing." Ok then…

Williams has only won one tournament this year, and that was in April. Her play has been rusty of late so she’ll have to pull it together fast if she wants another title in Flushing. And despite her snazzy new clothing line, just as many eyes will be on Maria Sharapova, the Russian teenager that dispatched Williams in the Wimbledon final.

On the men’s side, all eyes will be on Andre Agassi who is playing in his 19th consecutive Open. Will this be his last exit? Agassi hasn’t had the best year so far, but he won his 59th tournament title a few months ago and beat Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt in the process. Still, Agassi, seeded sixth, knows he has a hard road ahead, including a potential quarterfinal date with Roger Federer.

TV execs are obviously hoping for a repeat of the Roddick / Federer Wimbledon final, if only to stoke their burgeoning rivalry. "I think rivalries are good," Federer said. "Since Wimbledon, there's been a lot of talk of him facing me and us now maybe dominating tennis for the moment. It's something good for tennis. That's what the sports lives for."