Mark WalkerA three year old basketball "prodigy" is causing a stir in both the advertising and sports worlds. Mark Walker has the uncanny ability to sink baskets, and has now become the center of a youth talent campaign from Reebok, which basically make Mark it's small-human mascot. Slate's Rob Walker freaks out about using kids so young for these purposes (he also clarifies that he's not related to Mark Walker). about kids being used for spokespeople, including Mark and Darren Baker.

Gothamist had heard about this kid who could shot a ridiculous amount of consecutive baskets and was skeptical until we saw Mark in action on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Granted, he was taking a lot of shots, but he made a fair amount of them: The basketball is basically 30% of his size, and he just fearlessly wails the ball with two hands at the basket. The Reebook site has footage of him sinking shots. It makes for good entertainment, but a three year old pimp for Reebook is a little strange. But then again, when stars are selling pictures of their children to the highest bidder, is it wrong for Reebok to have the guise of starting a trust fund for Mark and shuffling him around? Or is he the new Jon-Benet, just with more marketable talent and less creepy objectification?