2006_10_srangerslogo.jpgThe Rangers can’t seem to put good effort on the ice in consecutive games. After a great win over Phoenix on Saturday, New York was putrid Monday, losing 4-1 to the Kings.

Any discussion of the teams’ problems has to start with the defense. Marek Malik and Dairus Kasparaitis look lost on the ice and both of them are making bad mistakes at bad times. Sandis Ozolinsh has never been known for his defense, so putting him on the ice just compounds the problem.

It is clear that Jaromir Jagr is not fully recovered from his shoulder injury and Petr Prucha appears to have taken a step backward this year. The Rangers cannot rely their offense to carry them; so tightening the defense has to be a priority. Will they sit Kasper and Malek in favor of Pock and Rachunek? We will find out Wednesday in Anaheim.