Umpire with Sammy Sosa's corked batSammy Sosa, famed slugger, has been caught with a corked bat. It was discovered to be corked when the bat shattered in the first inning of the game. Sosa claims that he accidentally grabbed a bat that he normally uses only for practice. Some writers feel we should be charitable to a man who hasn't been shown to have done anything with malicious intent. But, even giving Sosa the benefit of the doubt, one is forced to wonder how many of the many, many homeruns he is so famous for were the result of a similar blunder.

Why is the corked bat such a big deal? They are not permitted under the rules of baseball because they are lighter than regular bats and supposedly give the hitter an advantage. This site explains, theoretically, being able to bring a lighter bat around faster will allow a hitter to connect with more pitches. However, the momentum is likely to be reduced, causing the batted ball to travel less far. This makes a corked bat a completely illogical choice, even for practice, for a home run hitter like Sosa. Not to mention a choice that's about to get him suspended.