Kurt Warner Gets Hammered / Getty Images

For all those Giant fans who stayed inside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to watch the Giants get worked over by the Philadelphia Eagles, 31-17, we at Gothamist salute you. You got to see the Giants lose their ninth regular season game in a row and quarterback Kurt Warner, so as not to be out done, also lost his ninth start dating back to the 2001 Super Bowl.

Everyone knew the offensive line was going to be bad, but the defense proved to be even worse than people expected. Donavan McNabb and receiver Terell Owens, who needed a police escort to get to the game on time, connected for three touchdowns and Eagle running back Michael Westbrook rushed for 119 yards.

The Giants scored first on a run by Ron Dayne, who looked good at times, but then Philadelphia scored 24 unanswered points and that was all she wrote.

Tiki Barber rushed for 125 yards, most of which came on a 72-yard garbage-time touchdown run, and Kurt Warner threw for 203 yards, but fumbled on a key play that might have kept the Giants in the game, but even that may be wishful thinking. Eli Manning came in for some mop-up duty late and his big highlight was handing the ball to Barber on that 72-yard run.

Washington comes to the Meadowlands this Sunday, but if the weather's nice maybe play some golf or go fishing instead.