2008_08_favre3.jpgPhoto of Brett Favre during the first quarter of his first pre-season game with the Jets by Bill Kostroun/AP

It was one of those rare instances when a debut actually lived up to the hype. Brett Favre looked like everything the Jets want him to be last night. The problem is, the game didn’t count.

But, for fourteen plays, Favre showed why he is a legendary quarterback. He had no problems running the Jets’ offense even though as he said, “Ten days ago I was doing yard work”. Favre was 5-for-6 and threw a touchdown on his last pass, a four-yard strike to Dustin Keller.

About the only thing that didn’t go perfectly for Favre was the amount of playing time he received. After coming off the field in the first quarter he told head coach, Eric Mangini that he wanted to play a little more. Mangini, wisely decided to ignore his QB’s request and bring in the second string. After all, the games don’t count until September, which is a good thing because the Jets lost 13-10.