I didn't know that moving to the city from DC, I was going to have such a
hard time finding something to wear! I wear a size 14 sometimes 16, and it seems when I go into some stores, like in SoHo, I'm looked at like I was a bull in a china shop. Do you know of anywhere that I could go besides Ann Taylor and the Gap? I don't mind paying the money, as long as it's cute and can get me laid.


Yeah, we sympathize. The worst thing about being a woman who isn't a size 2 is that the options for trendy clothes start thinning out.

So maybe SoHo's not the best place to be. Come up to midtown. If you've got money to blow, Saks has some great clothes for women of all sizes, but be prepared to get a little sticker shock. New York Magazine recommends Salon Z, the entire top floor of Saks, as a great place to find designer clothes.

If you're not opposed to chains, New York & Co. pants are great and seem to be actually designed for women with hips. (There are only two stores in Manhattan: one on 181st St. and one on Nassau St.) Marshalls and TJ Maxx also have a bunch of locations around the city if you're into bargain shopping. (If you're looking for some alternatives, though, Ask Gothamist has tackled the anywhere-but-chains question before.)

We also hate the "plus size" designation, especially since it usually implies flowery muumuus and the like. (That's really a rant for another time, but when did size 12 get to be "plus"?) We don't know of that many stores in the city that sell clothes in bigger sizes (but readers, please let us know!), so you might want to check online. Kiyonna has some really cute stuff for women size 12+. 3 fat chicks also have some suggestions for online retailers.

Also check out Century 21. They have pretty much everything at good prices.

You also may get lucky at a Sample Sale. See AG's Sample Sales 101.