This past weekend as the NJ Nets trounced the Boston Celtics, the Nets' masoct, Sly the Silver Fox, celebrated his 9th birthday. Like many 9 year olds in New Jersey, he had Carvel ice cream; unlike many 9 year olds, he had the Nets Dancers on hand. What's charming is that various mascots from all walks of sporting life come to help celebrate birthdays - there's the Raptor from Toronto, Clutch from the Houston Rockets, and even a Philadelphia Eagle! But where was Mr. Met? He was there last year when Gothamist attended a Nets-Celtics game last year (Vince Carter had eigth 3-pointers in the first quarter! - and the mascots did crazy mascot races with each other). Did he and Sly have a falling out? Are the Mets worried as the Nets are closer to moving to Brooklyn? Either way, Gothamist would like to see more wacky mascot antics.

Something you wanted to see but didn't realize it: A photograph of Sly and T.J. Kidd. And check out the Mascots Pool on Flickr - yes, that is the Noid you see in there.