2007_04_joanrivers.jpgIf it happens, prepare your eyes. Joan Rivers says that she's training to run for the 2007 New York City Marathon. The septuagenarian said on The View that she's running for about an hour a day right now and that she may have to wear a special brace to protect all her face lifts. And here we thought the only marathons Joan could do involved an awards show or plastic surgery.

On her blog, Rivers talks about her previous marathon experience:

I have run in the last four New York City Marathons. True, I didn’t win. The winners, if you check you local papers, are always foreigners from weird places like Uganda, Nepal and Reykjavik and the reason that these people win is because they are not running for prizes like the rest of us; they’re running to get away from the I.N.S.

Two years ago, I’m proud to say, out of 2,000 runners, I came in 1,334th (I should have come in 2,000th, but being the shopper that I am, I always get a third off).

Funny that Rivers mentions her previous finishes at the marathon, because we couldn't find her in the results for 2006 or 2005 under her under Rivers or under her birth name. If Joan Rivers does run, we implore marathon organizers to follow her with a camera - or at least give her a microphone so we can hear her comedic musings throughout the race.

If you're thinking about running in the 2007 marathon, deadlines for lottery applications are June 1st and the guaranteed entry deadline is May 1st.