Sometimes we have to do a little research. Yesterday, we got this question:

Do you know how many births there were in the Northeast this past weekend? The big "blackout" on August 14th 2003 was 9 months ago. Just curious!

Statistic reports haven't been published yet, but the answer is basically: no more than at the same time last year.

Turns out the buzz about there being a baby boom after a traumatic event (like the August black out or 9/11) is a myth. So no more people than usual got jiggy in the dark. If we remember correctly, it was too hot to even move. The AP corroborates. One woman said:

"Sex was the last thing on my mind," said Kam, 30. "It was hot and muggy. We didn't have working showers. We went into survival mode, not sex mode."

So there you have it. No baby boom.

Gothamist on the blackout.