We're already spending money to expand our waistlines with concretes and crinkle fries and now we may be able to own a piece of Shake Shack for longer than the span of a digestive cycle. A source tells Reuters that Danny Meyer's ever expanding burger chain may go public.

"Shake Shack's majority owner, Union Square Hospitality Group LLC, has interviewed investment banks in recent weeks to appoint underwriters for an initial public offering, the people said on Friday," according to the news agency. It's too soon to tell just how much a 'Shroom Burger is worth on the open market but given the voracious appetite for the eateries in NYC—and the few that have snuck past our borders—it could be a big deal.

The chain is poised to post earnings around $20 million next year, the source also revealed. Is that enough to buy back Union Square Cafe?