It really pays to stick to your burgers. Or stand your ground beef, if you will. Perhaps you recall the case of the two fellows who, after braving the high winds and rain of Sandy to procure a sack of White Castle sliders in Coney Island, were confronted by cops looking for suspects in a nearby supermarket looting.

The police demanded the men hand over their burgers, on the off chance, maybe, that the looters were hiding in the bag under an especially large leaf of lettuce distended patty. The men refused. The situation escalated, and the pair—Danny Maisonet and Kenneth Glover—allege that police struck them with flashlights and handcuffed them, holding them for two days on charges of obstruction of governmental administration. It's unclear what became of the sliders.

Not that it matters anymore. Maisonet and Glover may never get back their food, nor the two days they spent behind burgerless bars, but this week, the Post reports that they have secured a $32,500 settlement from the city.

A White Castle slider costs around 70 cents. A signature White Castle meat candle costs $15. A candlelit White Castle Valentine's Day feast is $10.

Scoring a $32,500 settlement for refusing to relinquish your smashed, probably wet, disintegrated slider in the name of liberty? Priceless.