With warm weather here lots of people are thinking about getting in shape for the beach. And then there are the competitive eaters. We've still got a month to go until the big eating show (that'd be the hot dog eating competition at Nathan's) but yesterday Bay Ridge got a taste of what's to come at Rocco's 8th Annual Pizza Eating Contest. How long would it take you to eat 23 1/2 slices of pizza?

This year there was actually a tie in the non-Major League Eating competition when both Patrick Philbin and David Brunelli ate 19 slices of the pizzeria's standard 18" pies in 12 minutes (not actually the 20 slices mentioned in the first below video). So, naturally, they went into a two minute eat-off, at which point, the restaurant tells us, Philbin won by eating an additional 4 1/2 slices (Brunelli lost by 1/2 a slice). We will never feel guilty about eating a single pizza pie ever again.

So, if you've got 12 minutes to spare, this is what the first round looked like:

Want more? Here's the second round: