Uber knows that if New Yorkers hate one thing more than being outrageously overcharged for basic services, it's waiting a long time for food delivery. In light of this, the e-hail company has announced an expansion of its delivery service UberEATS to part of Manhattan today, offering a daily selection of dishes delivered to your door in under 10 minutes. If the driver can find their way, of course.

Just like the regular app, users find their location, make their menu selection and then get "NYC's best dishes in 10 minutes or less." Each day brings a new restaurant, starting with a sandwich or salad from Marc Forgione's American Cut today, followed by a sandwiches from Num Pang and Mighty Quinns, salads from Scarpetta and Sweetgreen and other options in the days to come. Prices range between $9 and $15 depending on the item and like some other delivery newcomers, there's a flat $4 delivery fee regardless of order size. Delivery is available Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Manhattan from 14th Street to 40th Street.

Whether Uber will be able to cut through the noise of all the other food delivery services remains to be seen, especially since they don't have the best reputation at the moment. Plus, drivers can't bring the meals directly to your desk and/or bed. Deal breaker.