Our dreams of artisanal chutney may have been dashed but luckily they were replaced with anticipation for artisanal ice cream. Sam Mason, he of the fancy mayonnaise, will open OddFellows Ice Cream Co. later this month, which will whip up fanciful ice creams and sorbets on Kent Avenue between North 3rd and North 4th in Williamsburg. Because of course.

Mason, who also owns Brooklyn bar Lady Jay's, began his ice cream ingenuity when he worked as a pastry chef at wd~50, where he created a popular pretzel ice cream. He'll keep a similar philosophy in the new endeavor, experimenting with flavors like graham cracker, toast, white miso and caramel and cumin. Eight to ten ice cream flavors will be available daily, plus two to four sorbets. It won't be exclusively out there flavors—Mason promises "interesting renditions" of classic strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice creams, plus "wacky" interpretations of sundaes, floats and banana splits.

Mason began an Indiegogo campaign to help finance parts of the operation, including two mobile ice cream carts and some "beautiful vintage stools for the shop." It's not all about asking for cash, though, as OddFellows will donate $0.05 of every serving of ice cream to the Food Bank for New York City. The team plans to open the shop before the end of the month.