2004_09_food_bloodymary.jpgWe're not going to lie, last week was rough. Between the Toast to NY, beer pong and the wine tastings Gothamist spent many a morning holding our heads, praying for the pounding to stop. So when it came time to write about the French wines, we just couldn't do it.

So for the greater good, particularly ours, instead of being part of the problem we decided to be part of the solution. We searched high and low to find the most creative and effective hangover cures. Here are our favorites:

The Hair of the Dog (that bit you) Method
Nothing beats a hangover like an ice cold Bloody Mary. The combination of tomato juice and vodka has magical powers.

Bloody Mary:
-1.5 oz vodka
-Dash of lemon (or lime) juice
-Worcestershire sauce
-2 or 3 drops Tabasco sauce
-Pepper, salt and celery salt
-5 oz tomato juice
-Serve in a tall glass over ice

The Cap Method
Take the top from every beer you drink and put it in your pocket. When you get home you count the caps and that's how many glasses of water you should drink.

Go Bananas
Eat a banana as they contain potassium which is guaranteed to revitalize your body after a night of heavy drinking. If you want to mix things up try?

Banana Cow:
-1 crushed ripe banana
-2 level tablespoons powdered sugar
-3 oz milk
-1 1/2 oz rum
-Plenty of cracked ice
-Mix together in a blender and drink

Greasy Breakfast with Extra Grease Please!
Protein is a good source of amino acids and a good hearty breakfast has loads, so you'll soon be on the road to recovery. You can?t go wrong with Friend of a Farmer. Plus the fresh air while you're waiting on line will do you good.

Hangover "B" gone
Alcohol drains your body of vitamins, particularly B6. So replace those nutrients by popping a Vitamin B.

Gothamist wishes we knew this information years ago. The funny thng is -- we feel better already. Anybody up for a drink?