This week the world-renowned butcher (or at least borough-renowned) Tom Mylan opened his chop shop in Brooklyn. The Meat Hook has been alive on the internet for some time, with Twitter and Tumblr keeping carnivores up-to-date with the progress at 100 Frost Street in Williamsburg.

After leaving the Diner empire, Mylan took on the new venture with butcher buds Brent Young and Ben Turley, and along with providing quality meat for less money (and from nearby farms), the trio teamed up with the Brooklyn Kitchen to provide a Lab giving customers help with any kitchen conundrum they're facing. The Lab will also provide workshops, lectures and classes where you can learn everything from bread baking to knife skills (these will generally cost $40 or more).

As for the Meat Hook's offerings, expect everything to be available; Mylan told us this morning: "I think almost any part of the animal is worth eating provided it's prepared properly. I had deep fried chicken cartilage last night at Goo Robata and it was insanely good. I've never had it before but i always think it's worth taking a chance on weirdness."