ScrewdriverGothamist has been going out more lately, and we've been debating various acceptable cocktails. Jake was fond of the Cosmopolitan, but Jen's withering opinion ruined it for him. Jen likes vodka straight up or with soda at times, but that can be Bad Idea Jeans. Finally, Gothamist settled on the screwdriver, as it's a little sweet, a little tart, and strong.

In fact, we'll take the time to name a drink for ourselves: The Gothamist - sweet, but a little sour, and way too strong. Until we have a party, try the "Gothamist" yourself: Two parts juice, dash of bitters (lemon or lime juice would be fine, too), and five parts Grey Goose vodka. And good luck.

On another site, Jake has been blaming Jen for amping up his social life.