Eggs are hands-down the best breakfast food. This was true even in the days before breakfast became brunch and dishes became overly complex, and it remains true even with all that Instagram-worthy, avocado-topped competition around. The egg is a simple little thing, but it can be poached, baked, fried, quiched, frittata'd, omletted, deviled, and scrambled into a simply wonderful thing. Can you even think of a more versatile ingredient? Below, some of the most delicious breakfast egg dishes we've eaten in NYC.

Colonie's Leek & Chevre Scramble, $13. (Photo by Emily Bartlett/Colonie)

COLONIE: The scrambled egg may seem like the easiest egg style to master, but it's actually the most difficult—particularly if your preference is creamy, custard-like eggs (aka the best kind). I don't even like going to brunch, but Colonie's Leek & Chevre Scramble is so good that it's pretty much the only place I'll occasionally break my no-brunch rule to devour them. They're served alongside crispy potatoes, toast, and baby lettuces (and you can add some meat for 3 bucks). Here's the recipe from Chef Jared Braithwaite if you want to try to recreate them at home. — Jen Carlson

Colonie is located at 127 Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn Heights (718-855-7500;

North End Grill's Eggs Mayonnaise, $13. (via North End Grill)

NORTH END GRILL: Deviled eggs get a refined, deconstructed treatment in the North End Grill's eggs mayonnaise ($13, available at lunch and brunch). Instead of boiled egg halves stuffed with filling, three eggs are poached until set and a mayonnaise of Arbequina olive oil, egg yolks, white vinegar, lemon juice and Dijon mustard is drizzled on top, capped off by "celery salt" (dehydrated celery root blended with sea salt) and a garnish of herbs. Warning: The silky smooth, utterly decadent dish may ruin you for "regular" deviled eggs. — Jen Chung

North End Grill is located at 104 North End Ave in Battery Park City (

Russ & Daughter's Eggs Benny, $18. (via Yelp)

RUSS & DAUGHTERS CAFE: Russ & Daughters Cafe serves up eggs any way you want them, and alongside some of the deli's staple faves. But we're going to go ahead and recommend their Eggs Benny, a take on the classic Eggs Benedict but with smoked salmon replacing the ham. The perfectly poached eggs are surrounded by hollandaise, Scottish smoked salmon, and sauteed spinach, all piled on top of some challah. — Jen Carlson

Russ & Daughters Cafe is located at 127 Orchard Street on the LES (212-475-4881;

The eggs with salami and Fried eggs with salmon (via Yelp)

BARNEY GREENGRASS: Another classic Jewish deli serving up great eggs is Barney Greengrass. This institution has a lengthy list of egg dishes on their menu, mostly omelettes and scrambles paired up with their salmon, whitefish, sturgeon, and so on. It's all so simple, but also very special. Prices range from $7 to $23+. Be sure to grab a bagel and/or black & white cookie on your way out. — Jen Carlson

Barney Greengrass is located at 541 Amsterdam Ave on the Upper West Side (212-724-4707;

Welsummer, Ameraucana, Delaware, or Cuckoo Maran eggs at Le Coq Rico (Le Coq Rico)

LE COQ RICO: If you want a real farm to table egg experience, head to Le Coq Rico, the Flatiron-area temple to poultry, for brunch. Their "egg-bow" option ($16) allows diners to select their own eggs table-side, with the following choices: Welsummer (large terra-cotta with brown specks), Ameraucana (blue-green), Delaware (light-brown), or Cuckoo Maran (dark brown) eggs. They can be served either sunny-side up, with mushroom fricassée or with angel-hair potatoes. — Jen Chung

Le Coq Rico is located at 20 East 20th Street in the Flatiron (212-267-7426;

Kiwiana's Eggs Florentine, $12. (via Yelp)

KIWIANA: While it's hard to deny that Eggs Benedict is a dish delivered straight from heaven to cure all ailments, occasional mornings call for something a little healthier. Head to Park Slope's Kiwiana and swap out that pork belly for baby spinach—and voila, Eggs Florentine. Two perfectly poached eggs are served on a bed of green that make you think what you're eating is a smidge better for your body. Smothered in a light hollandaise (which is maybe not so healthy), the whole thing is served on a light brioche alongside delightfully crunchy (never burned) potato hash, perfect for sopping up the runny egg. Just make sure to bring bills, as this spot is cash only. — Fraylie Nord

Kiwiana is located at 847 Union St in Park Slope (718-230-3682;

A classic eggs benedict at Cafe Henri. (via Yelp)

CAFE HENRI: In Queens, you can't go wrong with Cafe Henri, where they specialize in French plates, including ones prominently featuring the beloved oeuf. The standout fave is the Les Oeufs Benedict, which comes with two poached eggs, and a choice of either bacon or ham, and topped with perfect hollandaise sauce, all served up classic-style on an English muffin. You'll get a salad and home fries on the side, too... and don't sleep on the almond croissant. — Jen Carlson

Cafe Henri is located at 1010 50th Ave in Long Island City (718-383-9315;

Cafe Mogadors Halumi Eggs, $11.50. (via Yelp)

CAFE MOGADOR: This place (both the Manhattan and Brooklyn location) is known for its Halumi Eggs, a Moroccan-style take on the classic breakfast ingredient. The plate features poached eggs over roasted tomato, halumi cheese, and served with a salad and zahatar pita. Pair it all up with some Turkish coffee and it'll be a good morning. — Jen Carlson

Cafe Mogador is located at 101 Saint Marks Place and 133 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg (