We continue our march across 14th street this week, skipping over Union Square and landing just shy of the ever expanding Meatpacking District.

As far as good eats, the block of 14th street running east from the 1/2/3 stop on 7th Avenue packs good undercover bang for the buck. Either tucked behind modest storefronts, down under staircases on the ground level of a building or showing up only one day a week, it takes a bit of effort to get at these places.

On Sunday mornings and early afternoons right outside Our Lady of Guadelupe Church vendors set up stands to sell all sorts of Mexican and various other Hispanic street food specialties. We don’t have any favorites, but please share yours if you do.

Just west of the church is the Spanish Benevolent Society, which houses La Nacional restaurant. Wine comes in red, white or sangria, paella is the specialty, but we like popping in with a group and ordering a bunch of tapas.

Just across the street from the church is Crispo. We like the well-priced food here, but the crowds can be tough later on in the week. Think about going Sunday-Wednesday to try the wide variety of antipasti, affetati and contorni. Round this out with some pastas or secondi and your table will be happy.

On the same side of the street almost to 6th avenue is longtime lunch standby
Sucelt Coffee Shop. With representation on the menu from a multitude Latin American countries you can sample tamales from Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, heck just about any country down that way except Mexico. Good thing Gothamist likely grabbed some extras by the church. With sandwiches (including a above average Cuban), fresh batidas, traditional pan-Latin entrée plates, and an even deeper selection of patties than tamales, there is something for nearly everyone come lunchtime.

We are as light as good matzoh balls this week, back full force next week.