One of the city's oldest and most celebrated dim sum spots, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, is apparently having some sewage trouble; they've been closed for the past ten days thanks to to a sewer line that was severed by a nearby construction crew, and now they've gone to court to get the line restored.

The Lo-Down reports that Nom Wah had to close last week when construction workers at a new building at neighboring 20 Mott Street severed the line, which runs through Nom Wah's basement. The restaurant flooded, which probably smelled as pleasant as it sounds, and they've been shuttered ever since, putting all 25 employees out of work temporarily. Today, a judge ordered the Mott Street property owners to restore the line, but they're demanding that Nom Wah's owners front the cash for maintenance costs.

It's unclear when Nom Wah will open again, but they're one of our favorite dim sum places in the city, and a popular destination for weekend Chinatown crowds. The restaurant is located on Doyers Street, which was one of the city's prime murder spots back in the 19th century.