2007_03_food_puck.jpgHigh profile chef Wolfgang Puck has taken foie gras off his menus. Farm Sanctuary, a organization dedicated to the protection of farm animals, had targetted Puck for an aggressive campaign beginning in 2004, and engaged him and his companies in conversation last summer along with the Humane Society of the United States. Puck's changes aren't limited to foie, but extend to more animal-friendly food practices across the board. According to the New York Times:

He has directed his three companies, which together fed more than 10 million people in 2006, to buy eggs only from chickens not confined to small cages. Veal and pork will come from farms where animals are not confined in crates, and poultry meat will be bought from farmers using animal welfare standards higher than those put forth by the nation’s largest chicken and turkey producers. Mr. Puck has also vowed to use only seafood whose harvest does not endanger the environment or deplete stocks.

Puck is also increasing his vegetarian offerings at all his restaurants as part of a nine-point program he's calling "Wolfgang’s Eating, Loving and Living’ (WELL)." Now we wonder which celebrity chef will be next.

And Farm Sanctuary is having a benefit in NYC this April - it's chaired by Russell Simmons.