When the Oak Room and Bar reopened in 2008 it was supposed to herald a new era of sophistication for the Plaza Hotel. But the hotel is suing the tenants, the Gindi brothers, claiming that the restaurant has become a sleazy den for drugs and loud music. Well, they did invite Lady Gaga.

The Oak Room did run burlesque nights for a few months last year, but the suit claims the tenants allow illegal drug use, loud music and "raucous and/or vulgar" conduct. They also say the quality of the restaurant has slipped; the Oak Room recently earned a C grade by the Department of Health, with violations including "Hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room" and " Hot food item that has been cooked and refrigerated is being held for service without first being reheated to 1 65º F or above within 2 hours." Far from the "premier, upscale, white-tablecloth" mood the Plaza claims they were going for.

However, the Gindi brothers' lawyer, Robert Lynn, says there has never been any illegal drug use, and that the Plaza has been trying to kick them out for months. "Probably the owners of The Plaza would do better regulating who goes into their hotel rooms," Lynn said. "They really are reaching to find a breach of the lease."