Four Fancy Doggy Treats for Man's Best <strike>Friend</strike> King

<strong>BOUCHON BAKERY:</strong> Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery at Columbus Circle one-upped its homemade granola/French pastry-selling obnoxiousness by offering foie gras dog biscuits for $7 a bag or $1 each. Nothing says luxury quite like foie gras, even if you have seen that <a href="">PETA video</a> before. <p></p><em>10 Columbus Circle, 3rd floor // (212) 823-9366</em>

<strong>BUTTERCUPS PAWTISSERIE:</strong><a href="">Buttercups Pawtisserie</a>, named for the owners' regal American cocker spaniel, puts all bakeries—dog and human—to shame. The bakery, which recently closed its location in Park Slope to focus on wholesale and internet sales from Woodside, uses only human ingredients and caters only to the cream-of-the crop of canines. All Jimmy Chew Shoe and Bark Jacobs shoe-shaped doggie biscuits aside, we're not above saying that these combinations sound damn good. There are coconut-coated carob-crunch truffles, liver-cheese brownies, salmon crackers with seaweed and anchovy paste, and wheat-free liver-and-herb biscotti, all of which weigh in at about $1.50 - $2 a piece. Discerning doggies, and doggies that appreciate a good "autumn treat" or need birthday pawty cakes (their puns, not ours), would only go to Paw-tisserie. Or order online.<p></p><em><a href="">Online and phone order only</a></em>

<strong>BEGGING DOG BAKERY:</strong> All Italian pups from Staten Island (we're looking at you, Vinny) can live happy knowing that <a href="">Begging Dog Bakery</a> serves cannoli, puppy pizzas, and a peanut butter carob chip biscotti. For those not fortunate enough to reside on Staten Island, thank dog for the Internet, because they deliver! Other specialties include sweets like Peanut Mutter dipped biscuits, donuts with beef stock and garlic powder, and apple turnovers and savory options like Bark-b-que ribs and bacon and cheese tacos, depending on the refinement of your pooch's palate. <p></p><em>4354 Amboy Road [Staten Island] // (718) 967-7747</em>

<strong>TRIXIE AND PEANUT:</strong> Trixie and Peanut is a pet giant. Somewhere in between intimidating upscale warehouse and intimate boutique, the self-proclaimed pet emporium sells doggie sweaters (our favorite is the <a href="">Leap Frog Hoodie</a>), grooming essentials including OPI Nail Pawlish, and gifts for every occasion ("gifts for a new parent," "tokens of affection," and "pet loss and sympathy"). Although the treats aren't made in-house, the selection is as excessive: there are truffles, holiday themed gift boxes for Hanukkah and Christmas (can't forget about the religious!), and renaissance treats from faux historical figures like "Madame Fideu' Elegant." It may not be a bakery, but if it's <a href="">good enough for Uma Thurman, Oprah, and P.Diddy</a>, it's good enough for us. <p></p><em>23 East 20th Street between Park Avenue and Lexington // (212) 358-0881</em>

<strong>FOR THE KITTEHS:</strong> Sadly, it seems that Fancy Feast is about as fancy as it gets for our feline friends. Cats are sorely neglected in the dog-eat-cat world of upscale pet eateries, but thankfully, there are plenty of kitty cookbooks to show that you still care! <a href=";USRI=the+kitty+cookbook">The Kitty Treats Cookbook</a> includes favorites like Shrimp Cat-tail and Tail Mix. More <a href="">economical recipe options</a> include online Tuna Treats, Fabulous Fishballs, and liver cookies. Unlike a store-bought good, these will surely be made with love. And your cat will thank you a lot more than your judgmental family would if you cooked for them. Ha, who are we kidding—cats don't say "thank you"; it's beneath their dignity.