Chocolate Show 2008 Kicks Off With Chocolate Couture

<p>“Barbella” by Gregory Gale &amp; Richard Capizzi &amp; Grand Marnier</p>

<p>“Batgirl” by Michael Plosky &amp; Martin Howard</p>

<p>“Urban Super-hero” by Brian Bustos &amp; Steve Evetts</p>

<p>“Urban Super-hero” by Brian Bustos &amp; Steve Evetts</p>

<p>“Glamour Girl” by Jessie Lyric &amp; Bethany Thouin</p>

<p>"Black Widow" by Laurance Rassin &amp; Jansen Chan.</p>

<p>“Ironman” by Faith Drobin and Michelle Tampakis</p>

<p>“Leeloo” by Brandy Lunsford &amp; Joe Gabriel</p>

<p>“Black Phoenix (X-Men)” by Kit Scarbo, Fritz Knipschildt &amp; Torben Bang</p>

<p>“Sedusa” by Esther Nash &amp; Lauri Ditunno</p>

<p>“Villain to Mother Nature (Oil Spill)” by Renee Masoomian &amp; Vedika Webb</p>

<p>“Wonder Woman” by Jack Mackenroth &amp; Zac Young</p>

<p>“Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)” by Derek Poirier for Valrhona</p>

<p>Sedusa's boot was edible.</p>

<p>Hey check this: Each of these truffles has LESS THAN 38 calories. And they're good, too. We ate 380 calories worth. <a href="">They're by Romanicos</a>.</p>

<p>Chocolate sushi by <a href="">Romanicos</a>.</p>

<p>This huge vase is made ENTIRELY of chocolate, but the folks at <a href="">Eclat</a> get all huffy if you try to take a bite out of it.</p>

<p>Aww, this young lady from <a href="http://www.youngchefsacademy">Young Chefs Academy</a> gave a baking demo.</p>