Sure, the Park Slope Co-op is all about organic free range chicken, but certainly Not In Its Back Yard: residents have been raising a stink about a community garden's urban chicken coop, which they say is noisy and attracts rats to the 'hood.

The coop, which is located at the Warren Street St. Marks Community Garden, recently added eight hens to its repertoire, and many Park Slopers say they're concerned about how the newcomers will affect the area. "It's not healthy," neighbor Ernesto Cruz, 69, told the Daily News. "The rats will eat the food of the chickens."

Over 160 area residents have signed a petition threatening to kick the chickens out, and a rep from City Councilman Steve Levin's office will be holding a "chicken meeting" in Park Slope on Sunday, where a rat expert will apparently be on hand to discuss whether or not the hens will attract the likes of this guy (Ryan Reineck, who built the coop, says it's rat proof).

The hens are set head back to their home on Governors Island when it reopens for the season in April—assuming angry Park Slopers don't sentence them to a "locally-sourced" Seventh Ave bistro menu in the days to come, that is.