2006_2_21jump1.jpgNormally, a Villager article on the closing of an East Village bar wouldn't rate a mention on the august pages of Gothamist, but for this one, we need to make an exception. The East Village Lounge (aka the Ruby Lounge on 2nd between A and B) was closed down on Friday the 10th for operating past legal hours and serving minors:

De Quatro said that during an investigation of more than three months, uniformed and undercover officers — police cadets or auxiliary officers under age 21 — visited the bar numerous times. Although only three violations are needed for a judge to issue a court order to close a premises — generally for up to three business days — there were many instances of undercovers being served alcohol, while the place was frequently open and serving alcohol after the mandated 4 a.m. cutoff time, according to the deputy inspector.

He said the fact that the bar didn’t have a doorman, but relied on bartenders to check ID’s, was asking for trouble, since bartenders are often too busy to properly card customers.

We love the idea of undercover 19-year old cadets running operations on LES bars! Clear those youngins' out, we say-- they shouldn't be drinking in public anyway; they should be drinking 40s in their bedrooms, like we did at that age.