What the hell happened this year, besides Neapolitan pizza EVERYWHERE and locally-sourced EVERYTHING? Honestly, it's all a blur. Some bars and restaurants opened, other closed; a few of them deserved to go, others maybe shouldn't have opened in the first place. The Man scolded you about salt, drinking, sugar, and cracked down on sanitary conditions—requiring restaurants to post letter grades from the Health Department. Williamsburg's Southside boomed with excellent new bars and eateries, while the East Village and the Lower East Side mourned the loss of some beloved institutions. We've tried to make some sense of it all here; click through for a look back at (deep breath!) the craziest trends in oral consumption, the best new bars, the worst new bars, our favorite new restaurants, the most disappointing new restaurants, the biggest abominations, the saddest closings, the stupidest manufactured trends, the best actual trends, the best trend-bucking, the greatest gag, most controversial change in dining, and the coolest-looking coffee shop.