Remember when Shake Shack was all set to move into NOLIta on that abandoned lot at Mulberry and Prince? And then how neighborhood NIMBYs shot that idea down because—zomg!—customers might eat their Shackburgers on neighborhood stoops? In that case you'll be interested in knowing that some unnamed neighbors are still quite happy keeping the lot an empty eyesore.

See, the Post reports that a French cocktails and juice chain, Paradis Des Fruits, was very interested in opening up an outpost on the 47 Prince Street location but has been shot down by the city for "zoning and other reasons":

According to the city, 47 Prince St. is in an M1-5B zoning district and subject to special use regulations that restrict eating and drinking establishments from the ground floor in any building. A special permit must be obtained to change this requirement.

Critics point to plans to build a 28-foot high structure with a mezzanine level that will block windows and restrict light and result in excessive air and noise pollution.

Now these


"critics" who have moved into NOLIta and like to bitch do realize that nobody has any right to a window if it isn't on the street, right? And that a 28' structure really isn't that tall in the grand scheme of things, or even the neighborhood? Eh, they probably do. They probably just like the empty and unused j'ne sais quoi the lot exudes so well. Sigh.