More than one observer has noted that recent Seamless ads seem tailor-made to treat their audience like a bunch of children who are too stupid or too cool to accomplish the basic task of feeding themselves. These ads are very Bad, and now that Seamless has established itself as the hip brand for people who think that cooking is for gross poors in Jersey, they're trying their hand at gentrification humor. How's it going? Not great, Bob!

The Bad ad, which has been painted on a wall on North 14th Street and Kent Avenue, claims that your food will come faster than Williamsburg is gentrifying. Which, I mean, allow me to put aside the pain and displacement caused by gentrification for just one second to be a pedantic jerk: Williamsburg has already finished gentrifying. For the ad to be remotely true, it would require Seamless to get food to you before you even ordered it, in a constant flood of food pouring in your window like the Apple Stores and Whole Foods and grafitti J. Crews that came before it. Seamless has not yet responded to request for comment, but we'll be sure to find out how they plan to address this pre-food delivery situation when they do.

Now, returning to the pain and displacement caused by gentrification: It's questionable at best and in incredibly poor taste at worst for a tech company catering to bad millennials to joke about neighborhoods having quaint 1 million square-foot European villages dropped on them. But then again, we did this to ourselves, didn't we?

[UPDATE]: Sandra Glading, a spokeswoman for Grubhub (which owns Seamless) emailed the following statement to us: "Our "How New York Eats" campaign is meant to appeal to the no-nonsense nature of New Yorkers, and to showcase the fact that Seamless is a staple in the life of many of the folks who live in NYC. We wanted to achieve these goals by creating a visually appealing campaign that connects with the lives and sense of humor of New York diners -- at times using tongue-in-cheek lines."