Blossom du Jour, the city's largest vegan chain, adds a new restaurant to their lineup of cruelty-free dining on Wednesday with Urban Vegan Kitchen, part restaurant, part lounge, all animal-friendly (well, leave your pets at home). Like the other locations, UVK seeks to make traditionally meat-centric dishes into vegan-friendly fare. Dainty vegan tapas this is not.

Devotees of co-founder Pamela Elizabeth's hearty "cheeseburger" can find solace with the UVK Quarter Pounder ($18), comprised of a mushroom/barley patty topped with fried shallots, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and sauce with the choice to add on avocado or shiitake bacon. The Seitan & Gravy ($22), Lasagna with sunflower tofu ricotta ($23) and Chick-un & Waffles made with fried seitan are other insta-food coma options. They'll have lighter, veggie-forward fare too.

Downstairs from the sun drenched cafe upstairs is Chris' Cathouse and Soul Lounge, the subterranean restaurant and bar that double as an event space. Ownership is promising music nights and education sessions but also a more low-key space to listen to soul music, drink cocktails and snack on their vegan delicacies.

43 Carmine Street, 646-438-9939;

UVK Dinner Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

UVK Drinks Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

UVK Brunch Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd