Man, when will Four Loko catch a break? After being blasted for "causing" death and injury with its volatile combination of caffeine and alcohol, Phusion Projects changed the drink's recipe to eliminate caffeine. But that's just not good enough for Senator Jeff Klein, who not only wants to move all booze over six percent ABV into liquor stores, but wants to ban "alcopops" from the state entirely. Asked about the divisive issue by the Daily News, one 18-year-old said, "Four Loko is for people who don't have enough money and want to get a drink. It still looks really cool." You're not helping!

Klein said in a statement, “'Alcopops' like Four Loko- or any other type of these deceptive drinks- are still too easy for teens to get their hands on. It is time for us to take the necessary steps to get these dangerous cocktails off the shelves of convenience stores and bodegas in order to save our teens from any further injury or harm." Like legislating the hell out of it! Klein introduced two bills that would restrict the sale of "a beverage with a combination of 6 % alcohol by volume and 1 % sugar" to liquor stores (S.4221) and make it illegal to sell caffeinated alcoholic beverages in the state (S.3889).

A few bodegas have been busted for continuing to sell caffeinated Four Loko, and this past week four people were brought to Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Room in Queens for alcohol poisoning caused by drinking Four Loko or Joose. Klein said, "I am curious to know why they continue to market a product that has 12% alcohol to young people." Phusion Projects has repeatedly pointed out that the 12 percent ABV content of the drinks is clearly marked on each can. Fortunately, the Four Loko experience doesn't involve much "fun" for the Senate to ruin for us of-age drinkers.