Senator Chuck Schumer held one of his patented Sunday chats yesterday, and the topic this time was one close to Justin Bieber's heart: milk. See if something isn't done in the House of Representatives fast, Schumer (and other Democrats) warn that the price of milk could go up. Way up.

According to Schumer the country could soon revert to 1940s era agriculture policy if a new Farm Bill isn't passed. And that could hit you in the breakfast cereal. The National Milk Producers Federation says government purchases of dairy products under the outdated law could cause milk prices to rise above $6 per gallon—which is udderly outrageous considering how much the stuff costs already.

"They say you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but it seems perfectly reasonable to cry over a 100% increase in the price," the senior New York Senator quipped to reporters yesterday. "This is an entirely avoidable and unnecessary burden on families, and it could be easily addressed. All the leaders of the House of Representatives have to do is put the bipartisan Senate Farm Bill on the floor for a vote. It will pass, and we can avoid this problem all together."

House Republicans disagree, however, saying that it isn't that simple and that, anyway "other provisions in farm law such as food stamp delivery will not be affected by a temporary lapse." The current farm bill, which dates to 2008, expired yesterday.