Meet McDonald's "Mom's Quality Correspondents," brand ambassadors for the corporation who tour the country convincing other mothers that McDonald's food can provide perfectly nutritious sustenance for their children. It's unclear how much these fast food collaborators are being paid to sell out America's children to the fast food industry, but they've been at it for a couple years now, and they hit Manhattan yesterday to put an end to the crazy idea that McDonald's products are uniformly unhealthy.

The Daily News tagged along, and the article is actually kind of sad, with one mom customer telling the McMoms she feeds her child fast food because she's a childcare worker who doesn't have time to cook. Smiling condescendingly from behind the counter, the McMoms shared helpful tips with the consumers, advising them to get the Apple Dippers instead of fries and trade the Coke for Dasani.

They also advised that if you're going to serve your child French Fries, at least take the salt off. But Harlem grandmother Yvonne Bryan, 54, went even further than the McMoms, explaining that she denies her grandson fries because "there is too much grease. I let him have chicken nuggets. And that's it." Tough love, even by McMoms'standards.