If you plan on visiting Governors Island this summer and do not intend to die of dehydration or erode what's left of your stomach lining, be sure to BYO Aquafina. Water on the island is (and apparently always has been) undrinkable, and now parkgoers are claiming the island ran out of H2O on Memorial Day. But Diet Coke is totally hydrating, right?

The now-open island has everything from leisurely napping hammocks to delectable grilled cheese sandwiches. But alas, there's no clean drinking water, even though the city's been building a tunnel under the Buttermilk Channel (to the tune of $15 million). The project's been underway since 2010, but it's still not finished—the city says it expects to wrap up by the end of the summer.

Naturally, there's some overpriced bottled stuff over there, but perhaps not enough. According to the NYC Park Advocates, vendors ran out of water bottles during Memorial Day weekend, leaving thirsty parkgoers to the mercy of diet soda (a spokesperson for the Trust for Governors Island has denied this). "It’s a public safety issue,” Park Advocates president Geoffrey Croft, who says he was at Governors Island when water ran out, told the Daily News. “We’re happy that it’s finally being addressed but wish this would have been completed a while ago.” Soda is the new water in #DeBlasiosNewYork.