In a world dominated by chicken nuggets and the beloved, boneless (and ribless) McRib, bones in fried chicken are nothing but a cruel barrier between chewy, greasy bits of meat goodness and your lower intestine. Luckily, the Powers That Be over at KFC hear your pain, so they've gone ahead and removed the bones in some of their fried chicken. "Younger people don't tend to be fans of bones — they've grown up with nuggets," says KFC spokesman Rick Maynard, referring to people in their 20s and 30s who are ruining everything with their drunkorexia and their Nicktoons nostalgia.

Starting April 14th, KFC will be serving fried boneless chicken chunks, which, we assume, are exactly what they sound like. They'll come in dark and white meat varieties, with pieces of the former clocking in at 250 calories and 8 grams of fat each (white meat pieces are 50 calories less, for all you weight watchers out there!). And apparently this boneless concoction took the company two or three years to come up with, so we hope at the very least it'll rival the Double Down. Up next on this visionary agenda: chickenless fried chicken, because doesn't all that chicken just get in the way of that delicious batter?