Perhaps you've seen that new "animal or food" meme that's swept the World Wide Web. I keep seeing it—Dalmatian or ice cream? Pug or croissant? Puppy or bagel?—mostly because Neko Case retweets a lot of cool animal stuff and that recently included this fantastic collage of both sloth faces and pain au chocolat. They look alike! Can you tell them apart? Of course you can, you always can, but for a split second, when your brain hasn't yet figured this puzzle out, you smile stupidly at it.

"What NYC animals look like food?," I wondered recently, considering my first attempt at making a meme thing. And listen, I really tried to make "pigeon" work, but pigeons just look like rocks, and this meme works best with food. So I present you with: Bed bug or crème brûlée?

Steal this meme. (Gothamist)

I have either ruined crème brûlée for you, or made bed bugs seems like a delicious dessert. So I'm sorry and you're welcome. Please share this image until Neko Case RTs it. Thank you.