After you've read about people stuffing their booger sugar and H in porcelain kitties, luxury cars, tea bags, Wii Fit pads, hangers and shoes, it is hard not to feel a little jaded when a person puts their drugs in a box of Virgin Mary statues. But you've got to tip your hat to this latest drug smuggling innovation: mollusks.

A 26-year-old man from El Salvador was taken into custody at Washington's Dulles International Airport last weekend after he allegedly tried to smuggle 152 grams of cocaine (worth about $10,000) into the country inside of clams!

The smuggling attempt is "one of the oddest we've seen," Christopher Hess, CBP port director for the District, said in a statement. According to authorities the clams had been opened, stuffed with cocaine baggies and then glued closed. David Pocasangre Vaquiz, the smuggler in question, has been charged with manufacturing, selling, giving or distributing a controlled substance and transporting drugs into Virginia.

So, yeah, people are smuggling their drugs in bivalves. What's next? Sneaking Bolivian marching powder inside foie gras doughnuts?