Regardless of which animal protein you're reaching for this summer, be prepared to shell out even more money than last summer. Food costs—especially for meat, poultry and fish—have continued to rise an average of 7.7%, compared with this time last year, according to recent data from the US Department of Labor. Remember the $3.35 per pound burger meat? Say hello to the $4.59 per pound (or more) package of ground chuck at your local market.

Ground beef prices are up 79% since 2009 but it's not just burgers that are feeling the heat. Poultry prices have also seen an uptick around 1.3%, likewise fish like tilapia, which now clocks in on average around $5.99 per pound. Across the board, meat and fish have increased in price between 30 and 40 cents, which isn't pocket change especially if you're not earning a living wage.

Prices are expected to increase again next month as drought conditions continue to wreak havoc on cattle and other livestock producers. The gnarly piglet death epidemic has also been blamed for the sharp rise in meat costs; bad fishing practices could also be seen as a culprit. Who's for fakon?